Posted by admin on Thursday, March 28, 2019
Dear brother, you're welcome
I'm still bored
Electric is a bad trip
why brownout is still here
useless at home
but to soak up the phone
or along with the squad
hanged at the corner

I remember you when it rains
I remember you cold
I remember you eating
I remember you some tomorrow
before we meet
I am bored every hour counted
eager to look at you
you are still a bicycle
there is no gas in the car
waiting for rain
basketball in the bathroom
hopefully it will work for at least
there is a lunch
cutting classes dating racket
rock and roll all year round

nothing to do but guitar
itching in your mind
until I'm punished
Just buy a new one
until now my letter
thank you for your attention
That's just my debt
when i see you again oh