Colorful Music

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 28, 2019
When alone with the guitar
Just as the song comes
Singing can also be accompanied by
Your spine is a tin hole

Punch the whip with each pitch
Take a deep breath and simmer
When all is well-prepared
Together with the fall of the feet

It's hard to make a song poet
Colorful music and speech
And remarkably as giant
Lowering voices

And there is also a baby wasting
High-volume voice is long
The wind blows each word
When you hear it is fun

Your voice does not have to be beautiful
As long as there is only a little to sing
If you're a little tired then let it go
What people want is a little fun

Prepare troop and drum cans
Scratch the guitar
When all is well-prepared
Take a deep breath and be here