Rain Tears

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 28, 2019
The rain bursts on the roof of the house
Do not avoid making unexpected things
Take a beer overnight
There is difficulty and avoidance
You're good enough to sleep
And the stomach may develop

My day is blameless
I am the one who blames
Why are they like that?
My money does not fit
Can not imagine and do not want to increase
The beer is still low, so it's just coffee
Everyone tries no matter what
The life of lazy
There is no future in the future
No matter what

Radio, TV and old comics
There is nothing else to enjoy
And if you have a call

The piercing of the pitches of the tune was stirred
Until you're upset and do not know the tone
When the rain stops what to do
Do not think and change
It's good to be so sleepy
Sleep soundly

The rain flowed