Wrong Thought

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 28, 2019
There are scattered news
(That the wife and the wife are easy to get
That salvation is easy to obtain)
Before you try to think first
Many die in falsehood
I'm just a little afraid of ghosts
I was young, in my sweetheart

Now married and married, there is no ghost but my wife fears

'You do not have to worry about it
If you do it right
Just do not forget to slow down
If you're unsure of the outcome, what you're planning to do

Small holes grow, little more wretched
You can not get over it
When you're blinded by a bad idea
Am i already in?
Whose bed 'to?
How many times woke up in another room?
Drove home thought life was easy
Now it's regrettable because it 's not graduating

(Small holes grow ...)
In the wrong way
Controversy increases ... Missing ....