You and I

Posted by admin on Saturday, July 18, 2020
You and I, meet
Our hearts spoke
Agreed to be together forever

Swear to God
No leave, summer or rainy season
Every storm will pass

I hope the view does not fade
How easy it is to say, how hard to do
In a world of uncertainty
Let's make tomorrow tomorrow

You and I, united
We both have our own
We lean on each other

Every desire can be achieved
In fear of not being enslaved
As long as you, me, we are forever

Sometimes I don't even mention it
My love cannot be measured by any tenderness
And if I make a mistake you will be hurt
Are you willing to forgive?

I do not know what to do if you lose
My life has meaning
Every time you kiss me
It even reaches our final destination
I will let you go
Now and forever
You and I